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Pillar 1:

Transferable skills & career development 

Pillar 2:

Research Culture & Community Building

Pillar 3:

Thematic courses in integrative infection biology

Pillar 4:

Project design & Execution

Year 1        

Formulating a research question (A1 - 2, B1)* Induction for new research students (A1,2) Pathogen Biology: Viruses (A1) Project Incubation 1: speed dating

Effective time management (B1, 2) Set-up of peer-support ("buddy") (B1 - 3) Pathogen Biology: Bacteria (A1)
Critical Appraisal of the Scientific
Literature (A2)
Introduction to Integrative Infection
Biology (A1)
Pathogen biology: Parasites (A1)
Excel Graph and Charts (A1, C2) Research Data Management (B1,2, C1,2) Basic Concepts in Immunity to Infectious
Diseases (A1)
Effective writing 1 (A1-3, B1, D2) Research Integrity Host-Pathogen Interactions (A1)
Statistics - Linear Regression (A1, 2) Radiation Protection/ Fieldwork Safety Structural Biology (A1)
Statistics - Logistic regression (A1, 2) Mental Health First Aid Training Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases (A1)  
Statistics - Survival analysis (A1, 2) Equality & Diversity; Unconcious bias (C1, D1) Bio-Mathematics (A1) Rotation 1 
Effective Writing 2 (A1-3, B1, D2) Ethics of Human and Animal
Experimentation (A1, C1)
Vector Biology (A1)  
Statistics - Diagnostic Testing and
Comparing Methods of Measurement
(A1, A2)
Communicating Research (B1,3, D2,3) Vector -Borne diseases (A1)  
Bridging disciplines: Case Studies (A3, B3, D1) Round Table: The University Structure and Decision Making (C2, D1) Control of Vector-Borne Diseases (A1)  
Excel: Datalists, Pivot tables and More
(A1, C2)
Round Table : Roles and Responsibilities
within a Laboratory (A1, C1, C2)
Epidemiology (A1)  
An Introduction to Innovation (A1, A2) Round Table: Work-Life Balance (B1, 2) Ecology of Infectious diseases (A1)  
  Applied Statistics for Graduate Students
(A1, 2) 
  One Health (A1)   
  IIB Christmas Party  Control of Infectious Diseases (A1)   
An Introduction to Omics (A1, A2)    Co-infection, Co-mobidity (A1)  Rotation 2 
    Chemical Biology (A1)  Project Incubation 2 
Approaches to Innovation (A3, B3, D3)    Seminar : If you were in my lab: proposed
PhD projects 
Draft Project Proposal 
Project Management Introduction (B1,
2, C1-3) 
Research Ethics Debate (C1)  Practical: Flow cytometry (A1)  PhD project 
Project Management PhD and Beyond
(B1,2, C1,2, D1) 
11    Annual Management - Student Meeting Practical: Imaging (A1)  
12    Annual Symposium    
Year 2        
1 Effective Presentations with PowerPoint
  Weekly Discipline-Specific External &
Internal Seminars (all year)
2 Presenting with Impact (B1, D2) How do I engage the public with my
research? (D2, 3)
3   IIB Christmas Party Journal Club  
5     Journal Club  
6 What is R? (A1, A2) Round Table : Publishing your research
(C1, D2)
Bioinformatics Summer School (A1)  
7   Research Ethics Debate (C1) Journal Club  
9 Round Table: Working in Industry (B3)   Journal Club Poster Presentation
11   Annual Management - Student Meeting   Annual Report (paper style)
12   Annual Symposium    
Year 3        
1 Successful Writing (A1, 3, C1, D2)   Weekly Discipline-Specific External &
Internal Seminars (all year)
2 Leadership Development (B1-3, C2, D1)   Practical : Industrial Screening Platforms
3   IIB Christmas Party Journal Club  
5 Round Table : Career Day: working in…
  Journal Club  
7 One-on-one Career Clinics (B3) Research Ethics Debate (C1) Journal Club  
8     Journal Club Oral Presentation
9 Teaching Experience (AfriBOP etc)      
11   Annual Management - Student Meeting   Annual Report (paper style)
12 Fellowships: writing & interview (A3,
B3, C2,3)
Annual Symposium (B2, D2)    
Year 4        
Writing your thesis (A1, A3, C1, D2)    Weekly Discipline-Specific External &
Internal Seminars 
2 Preparing for the viva (A3, D2)      
3 Career Launch (B3) IIB Christmas Party    
4 Job Hunting and Successful Applications
(B1, B3)
5 Enterprise (C3, D3) Public Engagement Event 2 Journal Club  
7   Research Ethics Debate (C1) Journal Club Thesis Writing
11   Annual Management - Student Meeting Journal Club  
12   Annual Symposium (B2, D2)   Viva
Year 5        
1-12 Individualised programme      

Courses highlighted in bold are new courses / activities designed for this programme.

Courses not highlighted are activities / courses offered by the Graduate School.

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