Procedures for Dealing with Requests for PGR Studentship Support

PGR Fee Discount/Waiver

  • All such requests should be submitted to for the attention of Elaine Gilmour.
  • These will be considered by Graduate School senior management who will assess the application in discussion with appropriate co-opted advisors.
  • Proposals should describe (one side A4 maximum) details of the support requested,
  • the cost associated with the request and details of the initiative the studentships will be used to underpin (e.g. DTA application, collaborative agreement etc).
  • The strategic importance of the initiative at University, College and School level should be described in detail as well as the value of the initiative/DTA application should the application be successful.
  • Details of the potential supervisor pool and their School affiliation should also be included.
  • Letters of support from e.g. Head of School/Directors of School should be included in the application.

Please note:

  • All discounts will be at Home rate.
  • Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • If the applicant comes from a LDC/LIC country, the form for LDC/LIC strategic partnerships should be used and can be found further down the page.

Post Graduate Fee Discount/Waiver Application Form

Staff Fee Discounts

As a member of staff with a University of Glasgow contract you may be eligible for a staff tuition fee discount of 50% on Home tuition fee. If you are in receipt of other funding you will not be able to access the staff fee discount.

If you are eligible for this discount you will be required to:

  • Follow the normal application process - How To Apply
  • Register on MyCampus - MyCampus Student Portal
  • Conduct your research and submit your thesis following the guidelines pertaining to your programme of study
  • Engage in the annual progress review process for PGR students, this is required for annual re-admission
  • Register each year of your course
  • All information can be found on the Graduate School Student Hub

Schools must advise the MVLS Financial Aid Team of the following details:

  • Name of member of staff
  • Confirmation of the student’s staff status
  • End date of staff contract
  • Date on which they commence their research programme of study


  • All discounts will be at the Home rate.


The College is piloting a policy whereby fee-waivers (reduced to home fee rate) will be available to graduate students recruited for entry from Least Developed Countries + Low Income countries on the Least Developed or Lower Income DAC list under certain specific conditions.

The principles underpinning this new initiative are:

  • It aims to strengthen an existing strategic LDC+LIC partnership between MVLS and the LDC/ LIC institution.
  • The student’s stipend/ salary and other research costs are available from an external grant/ scholarship at a sufficient level for the student to complete a strong higher research degree in MVLS.

Full international fee waivers (international fees discounted to the domestic rate) granted to PIs must meet following conditions:

  1. An unambiguous and definitive source of funding is identified for stipend or salary (often in the form of an RA salary) and research support (e.g. bench fees where required) is identified for the student for the duration of their doctoral program, and sufficient funding identified that would enable them to complete a strong doctoral research program.

    Research costs and salary might come from a research grant in the form of a Research Assistantship, or from other sources (government salary – common in many LDCs+LICs, or philanthropic funding, or scholarship)

  2. The research projects are strategically aligned with international strategic priorities.

    Examples might include (but not limited to):
    • Fitting to research strategy (for example by strengthening a pre-existing and established international research program with a clear and demonstrable track record).
    • The research of the graduate student will be conducted in collaboration with a pre-existing and established international academic partner from a LDC+LIC.
    • The studentship contributes to the development of a longer-term strategic relationship between the University of Glasgow and the international partner.
    • The research is often contributory to pre-identified established or emerging impact priorities.

  3. The identified student is demonstrably well-qualified and highly motivated, ie. certainly meeting and usually exceeding existing admittance criteria.

  4. The PI has demonstrable supervisory capacity available, ie. isn’t already supervising an excessive number of student.

  5. The Head of School/Director of School writes with support for the application.



  • Applications must not be submitted directly by a student.
  • Country eligibility must be checked.
  • Send appropriate applications, along with the candidate's CV, to the MVLS Graduate School:
  • Applications with correct attachments will be forwarded to the review panel.
  • The review panel will inform the Graduate School of the decision.
  • The Graduate School wil notify the applicant of the decision.
  • Retrospective applications will not be considered.