Writing your thesis FAQs


Where can I find the Thesis Word Count form?

You can download it here: Word count form (MS Word). You can also obtain a copy of this form from the Graduate School office. 


Does the word count include references, appendices and table of contents?

The 80,000 maximum word limit for PhD, MD and DDS and the 50,000 maximum word limit for MSc (R) and MVM exclude references, bibliography and appendices. There is no minimum word count. 

Where can I find more information about the guidelines for writing my thesis? i.e. formatting, length, content, printing etc.

You can find guidance for thesis preparation in Appendices 5-7 of the Postgraduate Research Student Handbook (PDF). If you would like a printed copy of the handbook, please go to the Graduate School office. 

We advise all PGR students to prepare their thesis well in advance so that they do not need to rush to meet  deadlines. Remember to take into account the time needed to print, bind and deliver the copies to the Graduate School. 

Careful planning is important from an early stage and students should include budgeting as part of the process; in particular the cost of printing, binding and delivery.

Do not assume that printing on your university account will be the cheapest or easiest option. Consider where to get your thesis bound well in advance as students normally pay for their own printing and binding. 

We recommend that students discuss this with their supervisor at an early stage, once they are close to submitting their thesis.