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Welcome to Reach, the College of Arts Industry Engagement newsletter. Our 5th edition brings a new fresh look to Reach but be assured you will find the same level of engaging content within.

In this edition, we explore the de-industrialization of rural France with Jackie Clarke and the effect of French electrical appliance giant, Moulinex, going into administration. Joy Davidson investigates the cost of curating the ever-growing volume of digital data we are now producing with a large-scale EU network project. Tapestries in Westminster Palace are the focus of student placements under the supervision of Frances Lennard and academics Lisa Kelly and Katherine Champion are engaging directly with the practitioners, policy makers and academics in their RSE funded Shaping Scotland’s Talent project. Stephen Driscoll takes us through a journey of regeneration, raising public awareness to the Govan Stones and surrounding area. The ancient world of Greek theatre is brought to life by Elizabeth Moignard’s work, whereas Generation, a campaign to engage a wider demographic of the public to contemporary art across over 60 venues in Scotland, is presented by Dominic Paterson. Finally, Laurence Grove enlightens us with his vision for a National Academy of Comics.

 Looking forward to this year, the College of Arts will be engaging a series of month-long campaigns focused on the industry sectors featured in Reach which will take us up to our second Industry Day, on 5th June 2015. We very much look forward to engaging with new partners and reinvigorating our existing relationships along the way.


Professor Murray Pittock

Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Arts



If you wish to find out more about this article or about how you can progress your ideas (i) as an academic wishing to engage with a non-academic organisation or (ii) as a non-academic organisation interested in engaging with the academic knowledge base, please email the College of Arts KE Team.


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