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Welcome to Reach 04, which continues to profile the leading-edge work that staff and students are undertaking across the College with external partners. The College of Arts strives to make Arts part of every research question, because people are part of every research question, whether or not that question primarily relates to Arts and Humanities. In the contemporary world, information comes from many sources and we need to see how to apply it in order to realize its full potential. Such applications can never be limited to one discipline or one institution. Knowledge grows in circulation.

In this issue, we learn about Jenny Hilder’s IRIS project, on the impact on literacy of teaching Latin in schools; Carole Hough’s Digital Humanities work on social media and Scottish place names; Raymond Boyle’s groundbreaking training to senior UEFA professionals on broadcasting issues; and the impact of academic research on heritage management and accessibility in a project led by Sally Rush. Minty Donald’s performing arts project on water supplies in Calgary and Glasgow, Margaret MacDonald’s creation of a world leading resource for Whistler research and the impact Wendy Anderson’s Mapping Metaphor project can have on education complete the line-up in this impressive list of the College of Arts’ knowledge exchange beyond boundaries. I hope you enjoy reading about these projects: they are a tribute to the excellence of our staff’s research in new fields. Our research never loses the capacity to surprise, and that in itself is a tribute to its quality.


Professor Murray Pittock

Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Arts



If you wish to find out more about this article or about how you can progress your ideas (i) as an academic wishing to engage with a non-academic organisation or (ii) as a non-academic organisation interested in engaging with the academic knowledge base, please email the College of Arts KE Team.


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