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Welcome to the third edition of Reach, detailing some of the outstanding work being done by colleagues in the College of Arts with external partners. Our success in this area was evident at our May Industry Day, where almost half of our 190 delegates came from partner organizations, ranging from Christie’s to VisitScotland. We are following up Industry Day with focused meetings in a variety of areas, geared, as are the projects highlighted below, to the economic growth and cultural prosperity of the Scottish economy and that of the wider world. Such engagement is not at the expense of research excellence, with the University of Glasgow's Arts and Humanities research council awards at No. 1 or No. 2 in the UK over the past three years; in recent years we have also captured almost half of all university-industry joint PhD studentships funded in the Arts in Scotland. We can, in our work, help to bridge the gap that exists between Scotland and the rest of the UK in Research and Development, by engaging business and third sector partners in our research, and creating new knowledge with them. In seeking to make the Arts part of every research question, and in our systematic breaking down of barriers between the Arts and industry, the College of Arts at Glasgow provides a unique intellectual vision, combining excellence with relevance. 


In the examples of our work that follow, you can read about our role in helping to make Gaelic policy in Scotland and in normalizing it in every day use, about archiving data from blogsites, the role of heritage textiles, historical film making, preserving and developing our environment, training curators, supporting one of the world's leading classical music groups (according to Gramophone magazine) and our role in shaping literary tourism in Scotland. This is an incredibly diverse portfolio and yet it is only a fraction of the work we are currently doing on everything from historic battlefields to the Curriculum for Excellence. Welcome to Reach and to the College of Arts.


Murray Pittock

Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Arts


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