Understanding your offer

An offer to study at Glasgow will either be 'Conditional' or 'Unconditional'.

conditional offer means that your place is subject to you meeting certain conditions, such as achieving a certain exam result, or sending copies of your passport of exam transcripts to us. These will be detailed in your offer letter.

An unconditional offer means that you have already met our entry requirements for your course.

After receiving an offer from the University, you will need to decide how you would like to respond from three choices:

1) Firm acceptance

This should be your first choice from all the offers you have received. You can only use this option once.

2) Insurance accept

This should be your second choice. It means that if you do not meet the conditions of your first choice, but do for your insurance, then you will be accepted there instead. Please be aware that if you meet the conditions of your first choice then this will invalidate your insurance place. If you firm accept an unconditional offer you won’t have an insurance choice.

3) Decline

Once you have chosen your firm and insurance choices you must decline all other offers.

Respond to your offer on UCAS Track

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