The pattern of study

Philosophy at Glasgow offers two semester-length courses at Level 1 (normally taken in first year): Philosophy 1A: How Should I Think? and Philosophy 1B: How Should I Live? Most students studying philosophy at level 1 take both of these (one in the first semester and one in the second). A grade of 'D' or better in any level 1 course qualifies you to take philosophy at Level 2.

There are also two courses at Level 2, again with one each semester: Philosophy 2A:What Am I? and Philosophy 2B: What Is There? Most students take both, as honours entry requires it. Students in Honours, whether single or joint, choose from a wide variety of courses.

Students taking single honours will take six modules in junior honours, these chosen from nine core modules covering the central areas of philosophy.  In senior honours, five courses are taken, chosen from a dozen or so options (the range varies from year to year), and a dissertation is written.  Joint honours students will take half as many Philosophy courses as single honours students.

An overview of study in the first two years can be found through the link on the right. Further information about specific courses can be found by going to our webpages for current students.