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Laura Hughes, Business & Management

Laua Hughes, Business & Management

Constanze Ahlreep, Swiss & German, 
Business & Management/ Economics undergraduate  

“I decided to come to Scotland to study because of the great dual degree system you have here which has allowed me to study for a double degree in Business and Management with Economics.  
Studying for a joint degree has allowed me to develop a greater breadth and depth in my chosen fields. The subjects also complement each other very well. Economics allows me to develop a more technical, mathematical, and theoretical understanding of the world, the economy and industry, while Business is more practical and actionable.  
What I have enjoyed most about my degree so far has been the tutorials and working together in small groups and classes. My classmates are so diverse in backgrounds, beliefs and thought which brings out interesting and fun discussions among us.  
One of my most memorable experiences at university has been participating in the group projects for Business and Management. I have always had fantastic teams and enjoy collaborating with teammates and sharing the burden on assignments. Whether we're getting together for a four-hour long Zoom session, or an afternoon at the library, it's always fun and productive.  
The University of Glasgow is gorgeous. The first time I visited the university campus, I fell in love with it. It is such a privilege and a joy to be able to come on campus and use all the facilities. Glasgow has a rugged and humble charm. It is a city with character, and it grows on you. The longer I live here and the more I explore and experience the city, the more I love it. It has a great music and culinary scene, and the nightlife is also great. The people are so friendly. I am constantly finding new little cafes, bookshops, pubs, parks, or cute roads. It is ideal for student life.  
One of Glasgow universities’ biggest strengths is its extra-curricular activities. I participate in the marketing society and a variety of sports societies. It is a fantastic way to meet people, build your CV and develop practical skills. There is such a wide variety of different societies. All the societies I have been part of have been so enjoyable and easy-going. They are also generally very well organised and run.
If I could give any advice to anyone considering joining the university of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School, I would say do it.”