Ambra Giuliano, Italy

1st Year Undergraduate

"The reason why I am studying Business & Management is because I want to contribute in a practical way to this subject. As I would like to be a Human ‌Resources Manager, the Organisational Behaviour course is particularly interesting to me. It considers the human element of organisations by combining different subjects such as psychology, social science and political science.

Glasgow feels like a young and vibrant city, and it is the best for students who want to combine their studies with their social life. In my opinion, our university is one of the best things about Glasgow; the ancient building contrasts with its young environment and creates an amazing atmosphere. It is literally not possible to join all the societies and clubs at the University of Glasgow. There is an incredible range of opportunities for everyone that covers every type of interest. I am currently joining some water sports clubs, I am a member of the Economics Society (the best way to combine studying and entertainment) and a member of the Harry Potter society.

My decision to accept the University of Glasgow as my firm choice came when I attended the Open Day. No summary of activities or description of the quality of work can do complete justice to what this university really is. I would recommend coming along to one of the several open days, and remember that it is important to learn from the best to be the best!"

Jan Vlcek, Czech Republic

2nd Year Undergraduate

"Our Business & Management course is truly international. Being able to study with and be taught by people from all over the world has given me the opportunity to learn about and appreciate a whole variety of cultures. This has helped me develop into a more understanding and accepting individual.

You learn from lecturers who have vast amounts of practical experience in their field. They are able to clearly and comprehensively explain concepts, add interesting practical examples from real life and spice lectures up with funny and intriguing anecdotes. Dr Thomas Anker, for example, is not only a great lecturer who complements his teaching with up-to-date examples but is also very responsive to students' needs and interests. He is always available to discuss any concerns we may have or to get involved with ideas or initiatives that are brought to him.

In Glasgow, you don't search for things to do because they find you. I have particularly enjoyed the great selection of restaurants and cafes surrounding our beautiful campus, as well as walking through Glasgow's beautiful parks. Apart from networking events with some of the most prestigious employers organised by Business Club and Economics Society, highlights of my year would be taking part in meetings with senior staff through Student Representative Council or relaxed song-nights organised by the Czech and Slovak Society in a nearby tea house.

Whichever aspect of Business and Management you are interested in, The Adam Smith Business School has something for you and from personal experience I can tell you that everywhere you go, you will find friendly and understanding staff who don't want anything but to help you pursue your dream goals."