Stakeholder Commitment


Everyday Diversity: A ten-point stakeholder commitment

  1. We believe that opportunities for work, employment and careers in the UK screen industries should be allocated on the basis of talent, skills and experience.
  2. Opportunity and inclusion are rarely ever influenced by only one individual characteristic, e.g., only race or only disability. Everyday Diversity is therefore based on an intersectional understanding of diversity. We take into account that several diversity characteristics interact to affect opportunity and inclusion.
  3. We view intersectionality as non-hierarchical, i.e., we do not assume that one diversity characteristic is more important, valuable or worthy of attention than another.
  4. We recognise that there are social, cultural and economic arguments for equitable access to these opportunities. And we recognise that access to these opportunities is, currently, not equitable, and that the screen industries lack diversity.
  5. Through open conversations we will actively seek to understand everyone’s interest in the project and their experience of Everyday Diversity as the project progresses.
  6. We are committed to transparency and accountability. Wherever possible we will explain, concisely and in non-specialist language.
  7. We will be responsive to new insights and developments and legacy and sustainability will be ongoing considerations.
  8. Throughout Everyday Diversity we will actively seek to question our approaches, methods and interpretations to facilitate inclusivity of thought and participation.
  9. The intention of Everyday Diversity is to increase capacity and knowledge for the industry. Where we ask for industry support and time, we will ensure that our request is proportionate and respectful of contributors’ interests, resources and commitments.
  10. We will actively work to not reproduce problematic exclusionary practice.