What our students say

Rose Ruane, MLitt

"My time on the Mlitt was exciting, challenging, and enriching. I was very much aware, week on week, of how the components of the course coalesced to improve the craft and rigour of my writing practice, providing me with the questions, critiques and challenges required to develop as a creative practitioner and to produce work which felt better honed and more fully evolved than anything I had produced before. 

The course is thoughtfully and sensitively delivered, providing a safe space for risk-taking and experimentation."

Micaela Maftei (Canada), MLitt, PhD

"Intellectually and creatively, the Mlitt is a superb course and had a transformative effect on my prose and my writing career; from a mediocre short story writer (with unleashed potential) I became a novelist, was short-listed for an award and rung up out of the blue by a publisher keen to read my work. The pastoral care is a crucial element in the success of the course and the writing community has had a lasting value, beyond words."

Amy Sibley, MFA – longlisted for the Mslexia Memoir Competition

"The MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow gave me the opportunity to become a better writer, a better reader, and gave me the skills to go out and help others do the same through teaching. Both the staff and my fellow students challenged me throughout the two years and pushed me to elevate my craft and gave me the discipline to go out there on my own and say with confidence, 'Yes, I am a writer.' "

Debbie Andrews, MLitt, PhD

"The Creative Writing Programme at Glasgow Uni provided me with everything I hoped for, and more. Highlights included a range of interesting and supportive peers; guidance and tuition from experts within their field; and fabulous opportunities to extend my skills and knowledge base. The two years that I spent studying part-time for an MLitt, and the four years working towards a PhD, will remain some of the best years of my life - they were fun, broadening, stimulating, challenging, and vibrant. I felt engaged on a passionate adventure, and I loved it. I can't recommend the experience highly enough."

Sam Swinton (Scotland) MFA

"This course will challenge you with the unfamiliar whilst accommodating your own personal interests. It taught me how to read as a writer and provided me with the necessary skills and critical awareness to unlock the literary workings of texts. I am now not only a more informed writer, but a more perceptive reader too."

Em Strang, PhD

Doing a Creative Writing PhD at Glasgow was one of the best things I ever did. Not because it got me a book contract - it didn't - but because I met so many other writers, both amongst staff and students. I felt supported, encouraged and nurtured. I loved the whole experience from beginning to end. And I learnt so much - about writing in general and about the ins and outs of my own creative practice. 

JL Williams (USA)

"The course has been a revelation to me. The progress I have made in my two years would simply not have been feasible without the support provided by the department's staff and my fellow students. This mentoring and sense of community have been vital. Opportunities such as editing the online journal From Glasgow to Saturn, and my writers' residency at Cove Park, have been a delight to receive. I urge anyone who wants to be a writer to consider applying for the course."

Roy McGregor (Scotland)

"The Creative Writing MLitt at Glasgow Uni has a fantastic reputation, but it far surpassed my expectations. I particularly valued developing my creative and editorial skills within a dynamic group of peers, under the guidance of esteemed writers and academics. The course gave me a richer understanding of craft, whilst nurturing my experimental streak and own areas of interest. The visiting speakers programme was excellent, as were opportunities to attend additional training programmes and innovative workshops. I enjoyed the MLitt so much I returned to study for a PhD, which is also proving a unique, inspiring, and broadening experience."