Postgraduate taught degrees

The study of Central & Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia has a long tradition at Glasgow: for over 60 years, our staff have covered developments in the region.

Since 1949, we have hosted Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies), the principal academic journal in the world focusing on the history and current political, social and economic affairs of the countries of the former communist bloc of Europe and Eurasia.

We bring together innovative: and in some cases unique; expertise in the processes of socio-economic, socio-cultural and socio-political transformation in eastern Europe and Eurasia. As a subject, we work across disciplines including History, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations, Economics and languages (Czech, Polish, Russian, Hungarian).

You will benefit from our unparalleled international network of academic and non-academic partners, an extensive range of study abroad options and a lively seminar series here in Glasgow.