Postgraduate research opportunities

Postgraduate research

Postgraduate research

At Glasgow we bring together scientists and clinicians to promote and develop the best in cancer research, drug discovery and patient care.

We work together to:

  • identify the molecular changes that cause cancer
  • develop drugs targeted to these changes
  • bring new therapies through preclinical and clinical trials.

The Cancer Research UK Glasgow Centre brings together scientists and clinicians from research centres, universities and hospitals around Glasgow to deliver the very best in cancer research, drug discovery and patient care. The centre’s world-leading teams have made major advances in the understanding and treatment of many cancers.

Research areas

We offer PhDs in the following research areas:

  • Cancer biology and cell signalling
  • Epigenetics
  • Cancer stem cell biology
  • Cancer imaging
  • Chemoresistance in cancer
  • Cancer and ageing
  • Regulation of cancer cell death processes
  • Genetics, genomics and systems medicine
  • Immunotherapy for cancer
  • Cancer clinical trials.