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Vane & sustainable cities

Vane Nyanchama, an Urban Transport MSc alumna, talks about the importance of the social aspect of transport planning to create sustainable cities.

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Esther & accessible education

Esther Chebijira, an Inclusive Education MEd alumna, talks about empowering women and girls through quality accessible education.

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Shanchuan & environmental protection

Shanchuan Tian, an Environmental Risk Management MSc alumnus, talks about the value of diversity of all forms of life in our environment.

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Zuzile & sustainable development

Zuzile Hlatshwayo, an Environment & Sustainable Development MSc alumna, talks about the effect of the economy on the environment.

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Rocco & responsible finance

Rocco Mezzatesta, a Corporate & Financial Law LLM alumnus, talks about steering business practices on a global scale towards a more sustainable future.

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