Functional Anatomy for Pre-Med/Pre-Health Students

2022/2023 course to be confirmed

The University of Glasgow is pleased to be able to offer a very special course aimed at Pre-Med or Pre-Health students intending to apply to a US Medical School/Professional Health programme in the USA. The course has been specially designed to give students a real advantage over their peers and will allow them to:

  • learn basic medical terminology
  • learn core concepts in regional anatomy
  • learn clinical correlations and applications of anatomy
  • learn basic radiology

Using extensive experience of writing and running anatomy courses at an US-accredited medical school, the College have prepared a course that both caters to senior undergraduates intent on medical school, and smoothly takes their anatomy knowledge to the medical school level and beyond.

Course features

The course will feature:

  • Structure. 5 blocks (2 weeks each) dedicated to each region of the body. You’ll cover the complete body, using real specimens, historic collections and the latest technology.
  • Clinical applications. Everything you learn will be related to clinical practice and real problems.
  • Skills development. Prepare, get assessed and receive lots of feedback on skills very relevant to clinical practice. These include giving presentations, reading radiographs, handling instruments and palpating landmarks.
  • Hunterian Anatomy Museum. This famous collection of anatomical specimens dates back to the 18th Century, with a large part of William Hunter’s specimens forming the basis for the collection. Alongside his famous specimens are equally interesting collections from the Regius Professors of Anatomy at the University of Glasgow, and a large number of plastinated specimens prepared by more contemporary members of staff. As a study space, reference source and classroom you’ll be impressed by all that this facility has to offer.

Course load and entry requirements

Course load

The course will form 1/ 3 of a semester’s courseload at the University of Glasgow – i.e. it will be worth 20 Scotcat Credits (out of a possible 60 for a full load).

Entry requirements

Students will be expected to be Pre-Med/Pre-Health or Science majors, going into their third (junior) year of study.

A GPA of 3.4 on a 4.0 scale is required.

Suggestions for complementary courses

In addition to taking the Anatomy class, visiting students are eligible to take classes from all other departments in the University from the Course Catalogue

However, we specifically encourage students taking the Anatomy class to consider taking classes from the School of Life Sciences, the School of Chemistry and the School of Physics and Astronomy which will complement and enhance the study of Anatomy.