Student Profile – Rebecca Brenner

Issued: Mon, 08 Oct 2018 11:49:00 BST

Student Profile – Rebecca Brenner
Rebecca Brenner in the University of Glasgow cloisters.  

I’ve always dreamt of experiencing the world. Being from a rural community in Midwest America, my curiosities and worldly fascinations had never quite been quenched, and I teemed with excitement to experience history and art in all their different forms. That being said, I had never travelled far from the United States’ borders before I attended the University of Glasgow. Although my first few days and weeks were a mix of excitement and nerves, the community welcomed me with open arms.

I will always admire the University of Glasgow’s allure as a world-ranking university that also possesses the charm of remaining open and welcoming. The university’s mission to allow each student to attain their own goals and flourish within a safe environment, allowed me to reach new levels of cultural enlightenment.

I’ll always cherish the memories made while studying at Glasgow: from stimulating late-night study groups with other international students, and relaxing afternoons in Kelvingrove Park through to backpacking across Europe for holiday and weekend trips to Paris, The University of Glasgow is certainly an institution where you can find yourself, and I certainly did.

The specific opportunities offered by the University of Glasgow for its students are possibly unmatched. Whether it be the vast collection of historical texts in the library, the world-class cardiovascular research facility, or the convenience of the Glasgow Union pub, everyone finds a reason to love the University of Glasgow. As someone striving to be a physician, the many hours spent in a medical school-level gross anatomy laboratory with a brilliant, experienced, anatomist and cardiovascular surgeon guest lecturer, is nothing short of priceless.

Faculty members inspire students and offer unique perspectives on their field, while still being approachable. I matured to become a more well-rounded person and my medical knowledge is more expansive after my life-changing experience at the University of Glasgow. It is my privilege to be considered an alumnus of such a prestigious institution.

Glasgow is and always will be one of my homes. My love for the city and its courteous, exuberant people is strong and abundant despite my short duration as a resident. When I look back on my time at the University of Glasgow, I will always cherish the countless friends from diverse backgrounds, immeasurable amounts of laughter, and the transformation to my perspective brought about by European and experience of a much larger world than I had previously known.

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