From Atlanta to Boston: Principia at the NCHC

Issued: Mon, 08 Oct 2018 11:16:00 BST

From Atlanta to Boston Principia at the NCHC

Ronnie Young will be manning the Glasgow stall again, this time in the company of Karen Allan from the School of Critical Studies at Glasgow. We’ll be in town to meet with honours directors from the Consortium, and are planning an informal reception in the conference hotel as a forum for different Principia members to meet and have a relaxed chat about their shared experiences.

Last year was our first time with an actual presence at the NCHC and we made a lot of new friends as well as catching up with familiar faces from the Consortium in the spectacular top floor bar of the Westin Hotel. Here are some pictures from the Westin in Atlanta.

 Principia at the NCHC 1


 Principia at the NCHC 2


 Principia at the NCHC 3

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