Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction: life writing, memoir and autofiction

Key facts

  • Cost: £160
  • Credits: 10


Everyone has a story to tell about their life, but it can be hard to get down on paper. Life-writing, memoir, and autobiographical fiction (or autofiction) bring our real experiences to life on the page in different ways, helping us make sense of events and share our most important moments as compelling stories and reflections.  

Join this practical course to learn how to write about your life in new ways, from personal memories and engaging adventures to imaginative musings on your life. In other words, learn how to write what you know, well.  

Over a series of talks, close-readings and approachable writing exercises, our expert tutor will explain: 

  • the key features of life writing, memoir and autofiction including distinct techniques, structures, forms and styles 
  • how to try these ideas and techniques out in your own writing, share what you’ve written and improve with mutual feedback  
  • the ethical implications and options available when drawing on real life for inspiration 

You will also have the chance to discuss and reflect on what you learn with other students and the tutor in seminars. 

 Choose this course if you want to learn: 

  • more about how to write about real-life memories, experiences and reflections in imaginative new ways using prompts that kickstart or reenergise your writing 
  • how to share your work and improve with mutual feedback, then edit and refine your work  
  • more about the ethical implications and options available when drawing on real life for inspiration 
  • (for those who submit for assessment) how to improve with written feedback and how to reflect on your writing process. 

Who is this course for?

Anyone new to the study of literature and/or beginning to write creatively and interested in: 

  • writing about real life, your memories, experiences and thoughts 
  • life-writing, memoir and autobiographical fiction as literary forms 


10 credits at SCQF 7 / Level 1 

Can contribute towards the attainment of Certificate or Diploma in Higher Education (Creative Writing) 


  • If you opt to take the course for credit the assessments are: 

    • One 1,500 word portfolio  (75% of final grade) 
    • One 500 word self-reflective essay (25% of final grade) 

Mode of study

This 10-week course will be delivered via 2-hour seminars led by a tutor.

You choose to attend the in-person course on campus or online via Zoom. 

Course materials will be provided via our online learning platform Moodle 


  • Start or develop your journey as a writer 
  • Can begin your study of literature and creative writing at university level  
  • contribute towards a Certificate or Diploma in Higher Education 
  • can inform your personal reading list and introduce you to some inspiring writing 

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