University of Glasgow Access Awards

The University of Glasgow has c.10 Access Awards to support students who could face financial difficulties in taking up and successfully completing their University of Glasgow Access course. The value of each award is typically £500, paid in two £250 instalments, subject to satisfactory progress. Please note, this fund is not intended for payment of fees as the first instalment will not be awarded until students are fully enrolled and have commenced their studies.


To be eligible applicants must:

  • hold the offer of a place, for the forthcoming academic year, on one of the University of Glasgow Access Programmes.
  • not previously have completed an undergraduate degree.
  • demonstrate a commitment to study at university-level.
  • normally be eligible for the SAAS Part-time Fee Grant.
  • provide evidence that their circumstances are such that they may face financial difficulty in taking up and successfully completing their University of Glasgow Access course.

N.B. In completing the Access Award application online form you will be required to submit a Personal Statement (4,000 character limit, including spaces), detailing a commitment to study at university-level along with circumstances of financial hardship that could make it difficult for you to commence and/or complete your Access course (e.g. costs incurred due to travel/childcare/disability etc.). It may be worthwhile composing this statement separately, i.e. offline, ensuring it is within the character limit, BEFORE commencing your application. You can then copy and paste your statement into the relevant section of the online form.

Please note also: it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit, BEFORE THE DEADLINE, any supporting documentation requested, or any other additional information that will support their application, to

Applications cannot and will not be considered without the relevant documents and information to support them.


Typically £500




Awards will be made in two instalments. Successful applicants can expect to receive the first £250 instalment at the beginning of their first academic term. The second £250 instalment will be paid at the beginning of the second academic term, subject to the awardee’s continued commitment to and engagement with their studies on their Access course.

Application Deadline

5pm SUNDAY, July 28th, 2019

How to apply

Please submit an application via the University of Glasgow Access Award application form.


For more information contact: