Understanding China's Covid-19 pandemic

Published: 27 January 2022

Workshop II: Covid-19 and Chinese Politics

 Workshop II: Covid-19 and Chinese Politics

Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 10am – 13.40pm (GMT/UTC)


 10.00am: Welcome and opening remarks by Prof. Jane Duckett, University of Glasgow

Panel 1 (Each paper: 20 mins presentation + 15 mins Q&A)

11.05am – 11.30am

Chair: Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla, Franziska Plümmer

10.05am–10.40am: Qin Xuan & Catherine Owen, Fudan University and University of Exeter

“The Role of the CCP in Grassroots Policy Implementation: The Case of Covid-19"

 10.40am–11.15am: Holly Snape, Weinan Wang & Hua Wang, University of Glasgow

“The Reach of the Party: Covid-19 ‘Community Prevention and Control’ in the People’s Republic of China"

 11.15am–11.30am: Panel open discussion


11.30am–11.40am: BREAK


Panel 2 (Each paper: 20 mins presentation + 15 mins Q&A)

11:40am – 13:10pm

Chair: Yingru Li

 11.40am–12.15pm: Kailing Xie & Yunyun Zhou, University of Birmingham and University of Oslo

“Gendering National Sacrifices: The Making of New Heroines in China’s Counter-Covid-19 TV Series”

 12.15pm–12.50pm: Chi Zhang, University of St Andrews

“‘Class Enemies Hiding among the People’: China’s Mass Mobilisation Mechanism during the Covid-19 Pandemic”

 12.50pm–13.10pm: Panel open discussion

 13.10pm–13.20pm: BREAK


13.20pm–13.40pm: Workshop final roundtable discussion



First published: 27 January 2022

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