‘A Review of the Leading Strategy and Practice of China's Urbanization in the past 40 years’ (改革开放40年中国城镇化发展主导战略与实践反思). Seminar by Sun Ting, Minzu University of China

5 February 2020 at 4pm 
Location: Room 122, 29 Bute Gardens, University of Glasgow


In the past 40 years, China’s urbanisation has improved significantly with many achievements. The government plays an extremely important role in China’s urbanisation. Reviewing on China's urbanisation procedure, it is necessary to sort out the urbanisation development policy of the government in these decades. It will be able to help us have a clearer understanding of the development direction of China's urbanization. The study will focus on the evolution of the government's urbanisation strategy in the past 40 years and discuss their pros and cons in practice. In today’s China, the policies concerning ‘urban clusters’, ‘metropolitan areas’, ‘the coordinated development of cities of different sizes and small towns’, ‘small towns with unique features’ and‘central cities leading the development of urban clusters’ constitute China’s urbanisation development strategy, based on different perspectives. In the future, the key to the healthy development of urbanisation in China is to define clearly the roles of government and market. The government should have an accurate understanding of urbanisation and properly define the boundaries of its duties.


Dr. Sun Ting is Associate Professor in School of Management at Minzu University of China. Her research interests are relevant to urban management, local government management.


The Scottish Centre for China Research Seminar Programme gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the MacFie Bequest.

First published: 22 January 2020

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