Seminar programme 2020—21: Semester 1

Issued: Tue, 17 Sep 2019 11:00:00 BST

All Seminars will be held via Zoom at the following link:


Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 4–5.30pm

Title: “Cultural Power in Xi’s New Era: Consuming the Chinese Dream”

Speaker: Dr Mike Gow, Edge Hill University


Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 4–5.30pm

Title: “Danwei Walls as 'Spaces of Appearance' in China's Postsocialist City”

Speaker: Professor Gerda Wielander, University of Westminster


Wednesday 4 November 2020 at 4–5.30pm

Title: 'The EU's struggle to come to terms with US-China great power competition'

Speaker: Dr Scott Brown, University of Dundee


Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 4–5.30pm

Title: “Why Understanding Chinese Politics is Important to all China-related Careers” (TBC)

Speaker: Charles Parton OBE, Royal United Services Institute, London


Wednesday 18 November 2020 at 4–5.30pm

Title: “Commitment: Youth Organizations and Elite Renewal in Post-Mao China”

Speaker: Dr Jerome Doyon, University of Oxford


The Scottish Centre for China Research Seminar Programme gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the MacFie Bequest.

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