Homeownership and neighbourhood satisfaction in Beijing by Dr Yu Chen and Dr Guanpeng Dong, University of Sheffield, 2 December 2015

Date: Wednesday 2 December 2015
Time: 4.00-5.30pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre E, Boyd Orr Building


  • Dr Yu Chen (Sheffield University, Lecturer in School of East Asian Studies)
  • Dr Guanpeng Dong (Sheffield University, Research Associate in Sheffield Methods Institute

Abstract:       Drawing on a large-scale urban household survey in Beijing, this paper examines residents’ satisfaction with neighbourhood environment and the factors influencing their satisfaction. In particular, it investigates the impact of a variety of homeownership types on neighbourhood satisfaction. An innovative spatial multilevel model is employed to control for both clustering and spatial autocorrelation effects. The results show that neighbourhood satisfaction is influenced by individual, location and contextual factors. Homeowners, except those of resettlement housing, are more satisfied with their neighbourhood than renters. Such effects vary in different neighbourhood contexts and spatial locations.


The Scottish Centre for China Research Seminar Programme gratefully acknowledges the support from the Macfie Bequest. For enquiries and information, please contact: Dr Julie Miao: tian.miao@glasgow.ac.uk

First published: 1 December 2015

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