Welcome to Gerry McCartney!

Published: 28 September 2021

Gerry joins the School as Professor of Wellbeing Economy

A warm welcome to Gerry McCartney who has joined the School as Professor of Wellbeing Economy. He comes from Public Health Scotland where he ran the Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) and co-led the Economy and Health programme. His previous work involved exploration of the political causes of Glasgow’s and Scotland’s excess mortality (aka the ‘Glasgow Effect’) compared to other populations. He has also led the research programme to understand the causes of the stalled life expectancy trends in Scotland and many other high income countries since the early 2000s. Wellbeing Economies is a term used to describe economic systems that achieve greater social equity within ecological limits. Gerry will be working to make links across the University to build research, teaching, policy and practice collaborations that can contribute in this area.

First published: 28 September 2021

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