Dr Mark Wong contributes to Vice article

Published: 8 December 2020

Our Social & Public Policy Programme Director discussed Twitter's new feature, Fleets, and why this is concerning for algorithmic justice and racial and gender equality issues

Social & Public Policy Programme Director, Dr Mark Wong, has contributed to a Vice article on 'Why Every Social Media Platform Is Blending Into One Big Mush'

Mark has done extensive research on social media and digital interactions. He said apps copying each other isn't just a 'traditional tactic to take the competitor out,' but also a case of diversifying their user base 'to enhance and broaden the data and algorithmic infrastructure they build and monetise from.'

There is concern that the algorithm and design of the social media features tend to favour certain profiles over others and Mark added 'the potential implication could be disastrous – especially for those whose voices and identities are already marginalised on one platform and increasingly more in others.'

He concluded by adding 'Platforms must re-consider before implementing a feature that seems 'trendy' and popular,” ....there could be a cost to marginalised voices and experiences being further silenced, neglected and discriminated against by wide implementation across different platforms.'

First published: 8 December 2020

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