The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee calls for urgent change to universal credit based on SPS research

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee has published its report 'Universal Credit isn't working: proposals for reform', which calls on the Government to make substantial changes to universal credit in order to protect the most vulnerable.

The report is based on extensive evidence, including that given to the committee by Head of Urban Studies, Professor Sharon Wright. Her evidence drew on a range of her research projects, such as the report on 'How well is universal credit supporting the people in Glasgow?' and the 'Final Findings: Universal credit' briefing.  

The committee's key finding and recommendations include:

  • Evaluate the current length and level of sanctions
  • Replace five week wait with a two week grant
  • Keep payment increase
  • Write off deductions

Sharon said 'The House of Lords made excellent use of my research evidence on the harmful effects of Universal Credit and have made important recommendations for how to improve the design of the system to reduce negative impacts on claimants.  It's exciting to see such good use of research evidence!'.

First published: 31 July 2020

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