SPS team win Chief Scientist Office in Scotland Covid-19 Social Research grant

Published: 5 May 2020

Congratulations to Professor Sarah Armstrong and Dr Lucy Pickering who will lead a team of SPS colleagues exploring how four groups of people are impacted by Covid-19 measures

Congratulations to Professor Sarah Armstrong and Dr Lucy Pickering who will lead a team of researchers from the School to explore the social and health impacts of Covid-19 research on four vulnerable groups in Scotland. 

The research is funded by the Chief Scientist Office in Scotland and will run for six months, from early May to November. The four vulnerable groups are those who:
1. have a disability or chronic illness 
2. are experiencing or at risk of domestic abuse/sexual violence 
3. are facing destitution and are involved in refugee/asylum processes 
4. are in some way under criminal justice control (such as being in prison or on licence).

The aims of the research are to learn how the Covid-19 response might be disproportionately impacting different groups of people and to feed this information directly into policy processes to minimise the negative consequences of the Coronavirus and the response to it, particularly for people who may already be marginalised, excluded or vulnerable. 

A project website will be available soon. 


First published: 5 May 2020

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