Media's take on lockdown differs greatly from the UK public's view

Issued: Thu, 16 Apr 2020 12:15:38 BST

Lecturer in Sociology, Dr Catherine Haper, has written an article for The Conversation on how the relentless questioning from journalists to the Govenrment on ending the current UK lockdown is widely out of step with the public's opinion. 

The article states that in the run up to the Easter weekend the issue for several newspaper publications was 'when will the lockdown end?'. This was echoed by calls from the BBC at the daily briefings and on BBC Newsnight. 

However, Catherine demonstrates that for the majority of the British public the most important matter is to save lives and will stay at home to do so. Referring to her recent research, Catherine explains that 'the majority of the public is willing to accept restrictions as long as the science is communicated clearly and rooted in questions of the public good.'

The full article can be read on The Conversation website. 

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