John Smith Centre launches Leadership Academy in partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland

Published: 15 January 2020

The collaboration will see 300 young Scots take part in a Future Leaders Programme

The John Smith Centre has this week launched an exciting new partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to recruit 300 Scots, aged 17 to 27, from across Scotland to take part in a 12-month Future Leaders programme aimed at creating employment opportunities and developing networks and skills. The programme will include:

  • A weekend at RBS’s business school at Gogarburn for an intensive programme of workshops and lectures from the country’s leading politicians, business leaders, public servants, journalists and policy-makers
  • A 70-hour paid internship programme with a politician, business or non-governmental organisation
  • Membership of the John Smith Centre Alumi Network – a peer to peer network for people who have completed John Smith Centre programmes 

The aim is for each person to leave the programme with a network of connections comprising of people from differing backgrounds, and an understanding of public service and how politics and business can make positive changes. 

The announcement has gathered support from across the political spectrum including Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon who said: 'This programme is an exciting new way for young people to engage with the world they live in, to broaden their understanding of public service and business, and meet others with similar interests but not necessarily similar viewpoints. It is a great opportunity to promote civilised and evidence led debate, something which we should all encourage more of to help build the young leaders of the future.'

Kezia Dugdale, John Smith Centre Director, added: 'By supporting those who have the interest and passion to enter politics, but not necessarily the access or means, we can deliver transformational change for Scotland in the future.' 

If you would like to know more about the Future Leaders Programme please register your interest by signing up to the mailing list. 

First published: 15 January 2020

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