New staff member: Lauren McLaren

Published: 31 May 2013

Professor of Comparative Politics from July 2013

Lauren Mclaren will be joining the School as Professor of Comparative Politics in July 2013, having previously worked at the University of Nottingham (2003-2013), Oxford University (2002-2003), Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey (1998-2002), and American University in Washington, DC (1996-1998).

Professor McLaren has written on the topics of public attitudes to immigration, political trust, as well as public attitudes to European integration and attitudes to Turkey’s EU membership. Her other research interests include politics in Southern Europe, including Turkey. She has written two research monographs and has also published her research in journals such as World Politics, Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, European Union Politics, European Journal of Political Research, and Social Forces.

Her most recent research project is on the topic of Immigration and Political Community in Europe, in which she examines the impact of public concern about immigration on trust in politics. The project also examines whether an emphasis on certain types of national identity produces more positive or negative perceptions of political systems, particularly in the current age of mass immigration.

Drawing on findings from the Immigration and Political Community research, Lauren’s future projects will explore the questions of whether political elites can successfully frame national identity in civic or cultural terms and can frame debates about immigration, as well as the implications of framing of immigration and identity for public perceptions of national political systems.


First published: 31 May 2013

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