14 June 2013: Urban Studies Seminar

Published: 13 September 2012

Emma Baker: 'Housing and Health: small steps towards a big story?'

Housing and Health: small steps towards a big story?

Emma Baker (Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Adelaide)

3.00-4.30pm, Room 915, Adam Smith Building


Housing is well established to be one of the main components of productive, healthy and meaningful lives, and the relationship between health and housing is a topic of considerable recent interdisciplinary interest. While topical and important, there are significant gaps in knowledge (and importantly evidence) on the relationship between housing and health. This talk reflects on a program of research into housing and health. It describes an evolution of ideas and methods to measure and understand the relationship between housing and health, and presents key findings.


Dr Emma Baker is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide's Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, where she leads the Housing and Health Research Program. A geographer, her work examines the relationship between housing, location, health and wellbeing. She has particular research interest in the impact of housing and location in urban and regional environments. Her recent work includes an investigation of the health effects of housing tenure and affordability, research on the effects of precarious and vulnerable housing, a spatial analysis of housing need, and most recently, a large scale assessment of the housing implications of economic, social and spatial change for Australia.

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First published: 13 September 2012