26 Apr 2013: Urban Studies Seminar

Published: 13 September 2012

Andy Furlong: Are 'cultures of worklessness' passed down the generations?

Are 'cultures of worklessness' passed down the generations?

Andy Furlong (Professor, School of Education, University of Glasgow)

3.00-4.30pm, Room 916, Adam Smith Building

This seminar provides a brief overview of a recent project funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which set out to explore an idea that has come to underpin policy: that in some areas there are several generations of the same family who have never worked. Fieldwork was undertaken in poor neighbourhoods in Glasgow and Middlesbrough (with Tracy Shildrick and Rob MacDonald from Teesside University) in which we tried to interview three generations of families characterised by persistent worklessness.  Due to their extreme rarity, such families proved extremely hard to locate. Moreover, we found no evidence to support the idea that 'cultures of worklessness' provided any explanation for persistent unemployment.

All welcome.

For further information please contact Mark Livingston (mark.livingston@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 6162) or Julie Clark (Julie.Clark@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 4516).

First published: 13 September 2012