15 Mar 2013: CEES Seminar

Published: 13 September 2012

Professor Anar Valiyev: 'Urban development in Post-Soviet city: Case of Baku'

Urban development in Post-Soviet city: Case of Baku

Professor Anar Valiyev
Dean, School of Public and International Affairs, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
Erasmus Mundus IMRCEES Visiting Scholar

4pm, Room 916, Adam Smith Building

Baku, the capital of the Azerbaijan Republic, was one of the major industrial cities in the Soviet Union. In contrast, the post-Soviet development of Baku has witnessed a major reconstruction with grandiose construction projects, which is meant to turn the city into a global city. Consequently, the urban landscape has been transformed in many parts of the city, while informal settlements and a deteriorating environment have become the main scourges of Baku. However, while the administration has attempted to follow the model of Dubai, in practice, the urban development is characteristically chaotic due to the absence of effective regulation and planning. Indeed, with the continued influx of oil revenue, the city is spending vast sums on new projects, buildings and infrastructure without any apparent strategic plan.

The lecture would identify the key forces and processes underlying the transformation of Baku and looks at the problems haunting the city.

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The CEES West Coast Seminar Series is supported by the MacFie Bequest, named after Professor Alec MacFie, Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy at the University from 1945 to 1958. 

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First published: 13 September 2012