11 Jan 2013: Urban Studies Seminar

Published: 13 September 2012

Des McNulty: 'Mobilising knowledge: how ideas can influence policy'

Mobilising knowledge: how ideas can influence policy

Des McNulty (Public Policy Knowledge Exchange Officer, School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Glasgow)

2.30-4pm, Room 916, Adam Smith Building

From an academic career in Sociology, Des McNulty entered the Scottish Parliament at its inception, serving as a Minister and as Chair of the powerful Finance Committee during a twelve year period as an MSP.

"This session deals with three linked themes. I will provide a background to and contextualisation of the emerging importance of knowledge exchange in the social science subjects. I will then discuss examples of best practice within the School of Social and Political Sciences, based on the review I have been carrying out, in the context of wider developments in the sector as a whole. Finally I will talk about the interplay between academics and the world of politics and policy making, arguing that effective influencing depends on understanding how systems work and being aware of and responsive to the needs of users."

Jon Bannister (Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies) will act as respondent for the seminar and Ken Gibb (Professor in Housing Economics).

All welcome.

For further information please contact Mark Livingston (mark.livingston@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 6162) or Julie Clark (Julie.Clark@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 4516).

First published: 13 September 2012