7 Dec 2012: Urban Studies Seminar

Published: 13 September 2012

Sandra Nutley: 'Making and demonstrating research impact'

Making and demonstrating research impact

Sandra Nutley (Professor of Public Policy and Management, University of St Andrews)

3.00-4.30pm, Room 916, Adam Smith Building

Several commentators have argued that research and evaluation becomes more important to guide policy and practice in an era of austerity than one of affluence. In addition, changes to various accountability systems mean that there is now an increased need to demonstrate that research and evaluation studies are making a difference.  Taken together, these two observations might suggest that now is a good time to make and demonstrate research impact.  This seminar will discuss whether this is the case.  In doing so, it will consider the challenges of making an impact in an era of austerity, and what researchers can do to increase the influence of their work and demonstrate its impact.

All welcome.

For further information please contact Mark Livingston (mark.livingston@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 6162) or Julie Clark (Julie.Clark@glasgow.ac.uk, 0141 330 4516).

First published: 13 September 2012