Student Placement Expense Policy - Level 4

Student Placement Expense Policy

Guidance for School Placements: Level 4

The School of Social and Environmental Sustainability recognises the financial challenges that many of our students are facing and offers one of the most generous financial support packages of any teaching programme in Scotland. The Student Placement Expense Policy is reviewed every year. 

  • The School of Social and Environmental Sustainability (School) will reimburse students for mileage (where public transport is longer than 90 minutes travel time OR where the student would fail to arrive at the necessary time). Costs will be reimbursed at the agreed rate provided receipts are provided.
  • Students are encouraged to use public transport and use their Young Scot Card where they are eligible. Students who are ineligible for a Young Scot Card will be reimbursed for public transport provided receipts are provided.
  • Accommodation will be arranged by the Placement Co-ordinator for 5 nights per week (Sunday night to Friday morning). Meals are not covered by the student expense policy.
  • In line with the University’s active travel policy, where short journeys can be made on foot, no expenses will be provided without prior approval from the Placement Co-ordinator.
  • All students will be placed as close to their term-time address as possible in Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Students choosing to reside outside of Dumfries and Galloway will be able to claim expenses from whichever is the nearest of either the school postcode or term-time residence.

Misinformation or fraudulent claims will be taken seriously and will be viewed as a breach of the Student Contract.