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Primary Education with Teaching Qualification 4th Year

Chris' Story

Born in England and having travelled around Europe, Chris had experience of working with children before he even started his degree. From once working in a nursery at ski resorts around Europe, he moved to Dumfries. He applied to multiple universities but was set on studying at the University of Glasgow.

“The School of Interdisciplinary Studies offers such a unique experience for students training to become teachers. I think it’s great that we can choose to take elective courses from the other degrees offered here.”

Chris undertook courses in Philosophy and Environmental Science, as well as core courses like Literacy and Child Development. Students can enhance their learning by choosing courses from across the different subjects offered on campus to make up the elective elements of their programme. This critical opportunity supports students to develop a broad understanding to address real world problems.

“The Additional Support Needs course that is part of the programme was so helpful. Including this in teacher training is crucial and I learned so much from it.

Our programme helps you develop a strong set of employability skills. Chris explained that the way the programme is focused on developing an understanding of learning is exactly what he was looking for;

“I think the way the programme teaches us how children learn is perfect. I don’t feel it would be overly reflective of the practice to just learn how to teach. We are learning how to tailor learning to the child we have in front of us.”

Chris | Primary Education

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Primary Education with Teaching Qualification

Stephen Scholes and Dr Michele Vincent outline the MA Primary Education with Teaching Qualification programme at Dumfries Campus.