Dr Gokce Ozdemir Umutlu

  • Senior Lecturer in Tourism (Social & Environmental Sustainability)


Dr. Gokce Ozdemir Umutlu is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism at the University of Glasgow's School of Social and Environmental Sustainability. Prior to joining the University of Glasgow, she worked at Yasar University in both academic and administrative positions. She worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Brighton for her Ph.D. dissertation. As a visiting instructor, she has lectured at Lineaus University in Sweden, Thomas More University in Belgium, the University of West Attica in Athens, Universita Telematica Pegaso in Italy, Universidad de Zaragoza in Spain, and Universite Savoie Mont Blanc in France.

With 20 years of experience, Gokce has a background in tourism management as well as marketing. Her research primarily revolves around destinations and events from a management and marketing standpoint. Additionally, she participated in various tourism initiatives, particularly the EU projects, undertaking roles such as team leader or senior expert in tourism governance and destination marketing.


Research interests

. Digitalisation in Tourism
. Smart Destinations
. Destination Marketing
. Sharing Economy
. Tourism Motivation
. Event Management
. Sustainable Tourism Development
. Integrated Marketing Communications in Tourism
. Destination Branding


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  • Senior Governance Expert (2023) 'Technical Assistance Project for Kars City with its Own Historical Identity (IPA- EU Funded)
  • Senior Marketing Expert (2023) 'Technical Assistance Project for Kars City with its Own Historical Identity (IPA- EU Funded)
  • Team Leader (2022-2023) 'Technical Assistance Project For Revitalizing The Tourism Sector In Adıyaman' (IPA- EU Funded)
  • Senior Governance Expert (2022) 'Technical Assistance Project For Revitalizing The Tourism Sector In Adıyaman' (IPA- EU Funded)
  • Senior Tourism Expert (2011-2012) 'Information System Applications In Europe (EU Funded)
  • Tourism Consultant (2006- 2011) 'Sustainable Tourism', The Turkish Swedish Municipal Partnerships Network Project (TUSENET)
  • Tourism Consultant (2009-2011) 'Time Travel: Historical Education Project
  • Team Leader (2008-2009) 'Home PensionTraining Project For Women Living In Bornova Villages' UN funded



  • Tourism Consultant (2017) 'Şehzadeler Rise With Spil: Spil Mountain Tourism Action Plan'
  • Tourism Consultant (2016) 'Feasibility Study to Determine Infrastructural Issues With Historical-Cultural Attractions in Manisa' 
  • Tourism Expert (2014-2015) 'İzmir At Your Fingertips'
  • Tourism Expert (2015-2016' 'Online Destination Karşıyaka'
  • Team Leader (2015) 'Seferihisar Home Pensioning Project'
  • Team Leader (2013-2014) 'Destination Konak Tourism Strategy Plan 2015-2020'
  • Team Leader (2013) 'Destination Bornova Tourism Strategy Plan 2014-2019'
  • Tourism Expert (2012) 'SWOT Analysis of Destination Bornova'
  • Tourism Expert (2009) 'Karşıyaka Tourism Master Plan 2009-2014'


Serpil Bayazıt (2023) Measuring perceived destination image, destination personality, and behavioral intentions: a case of destination Çeşme

Sayyeda Zonah (2022) Digitalization of heritage tourism: A European perspective

Rita Uchechi Achinike (2022) Educational Tourism: An analysis of the international students in the United States

Pelin Özad (2019) Analysing travel motivations of local people living in coastal destinations: A case of Antalya

Menaahyl Seraj (2019) Significance of preservation of cultural resources on the development of a micro-destination: A case of Shahi Guzargah walled city of Lahore

Vesile Aslı Arzık (2018) Benefit segmentation of tourists on social media: A clustering approach

Oluwakemi Janet Abiodun (2018) Reflections of destination quality on destination image: A case of Kusadası

Senem Emine Erdoğan (2017) Gastronomic elements stimulating travel motivations: Case of İzmir peninsula

Susan Ebangha Bekecheng (2016) Ecotourism as a tool for sustainable development and poverty alleviation

Uğur Can İmece (2015) The assessment of museums in Izmir in regard to accessibility

Lachin Namaz (2015) Marketing Azerbaijan: Positioning in neighboring and regional markets



DUMF5143   Sustainable Tourism

DUMF5150P Events Management