School of Psychology hosts Summer School Students

The School of Psychology’s Arcadia Summer School students presented their research projects at sessions in the Gilbert Scott Conference Suite on Wednesday 25 July.

The Summer School runs over a six week period, and gives students from North America the chance to visit the University of Glasgow and undertake research on a subject of their choice.

This year nineteen students visited from all over the United States, taking part in a wide range of research projects covering Psychology, Chemistry, Physics and Life Sciences.

The School of Psychology welcomed three students, Elena Skaribus and Jazmyn Mustafa, who worked with Professor Frank Pollick, and Daria Hurley, who worked with Dr Helena Paterson.

At the end of six weeks’ hard work, the students gathered together to present their work to a general audience at sessions funded by the School of Psychology and organised by Dr Lorna Morrow.

Dr Morrow, Lecturer at the School of Psychology, said: “The Arcadia presentations day went really well. The students all did a fabulous job of presenting their research, and had clearly worked hard and learned a lot.

“I think those of us in the audience also learned a lot about different areas, for example, the dangers of drinking tap water, and that, contrary to popular belief, some bacteria do survive at high temperatures! 

“The students all seem to have bonded well with each other too, and so it was really nice to see them supporting each other.”

First published: 11 July 2018