Research at the School of Psychology attempts to advance our understanding of behaviour and the underlying mental processes and brain functions at multiple levels of analysis. Most research takes place in the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology.

This effort entails the integration of diverse approaches and paradigms from experimental psychology, cognitive science and the cognitive neurosciences. The School is committed to producing basic and applied research of the highest quality.

The Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (CCNi) within the School of Psychology and the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology has been created as a strategic priority of the University of Glasgow. The CCNi represents an interdisciplinary effort to advance the understanding of the complex relationship between the brain, cognition and behaviour at multiple levels of analysis. It brings together researchers with an interest in cognitive neuroscience, functional neuroimaging, neuropsychology and computational modelling. The CCNi aims at developing new methods to further understand brain mechanisms and train interdisciplinary scientists in the use of those methods and techniques.

The Centre for Social Interactions within the School of Psychology and the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology blends behavioural, computational and neuroimaging techniques to investigate human social function, communication and cooperation. Our research examines a range of mechanisms that underlie social interaction: from gestures and expressive signals, from the face, voice and body to language-based communication.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Research Ethics

All research in Psychology has to go through a code of ethics and every experiment involving subjects needs to be reviewed by our ethics committee.

Help our research by participating in experiments for money or course credit.