Degrees reaccredited by Institute of Physics

Issued: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 16:28:00 BST

We are delighted to learn that our application for the re-accreditation of our Physics degrees (including combined honours degrees) by the Institute of Physics has been successful.  This resulted from an application submitted in January 2019 and a panel visit in March 2019, including detailed interviews with staff and student representatives, and a visit to some of the teaching facilities including the undergraduate laboratories.

Institute of Physics accreditation ensures that an accredited degree properly covers the key elements of the "Core of Physics", and this accreditation gives assurance to students of a consistent standard and core content of physics degrees across the UK.

Accreditation also contributes towards achieving the educational requirements for Chartered Physicist status, which is of importance to those making physics-based careers.  In total, the following degrees were accredited:

Bachelors degrees1

  • BSc Physics F300
  • BSc Theoretical Physics F344
  • BSc Physics with Astrophysics F3F5
  • BSc Chemical Physics F335
  • BSc Astronomy and Physics FF53
  • BSc Mathematics and Physics GF14
  • BSc Computing Science & Physics FG34

Integrated masters degrees2

  • MSci Physics F301
  • MSci Theoretical Physics F340
  • MSci Physics with Astrophysics F3FM
  • MSci Chemical Physics F320
  • MSci Chemical Physics with Work Placement F321
  • MSci Astronomy and Physics FF5H MSci Mathematics and Physics FGJ1
  • MSci Computing Science and Physics FG35

Postgraduate masters degrees3

  • MSc Astrophysics F520
  • MSc Physics: Advanced Materials F310
  • MSc Physics: Energy and the Environment F309
  • MSc Physics: Nuclear Technology F312
  • MSc Quantum Technology F342
  • MSc Theoretical Physics F306

1. Accredited BSc programmes partially meet the educational requirements for Chartered Physicist Status.

2. Accredited MPhys/MSci programmes fully meet the educational requirements for Chartered Physicist status.

3. Accredited MSc programmes automatically meet the master’s level education requirement for Chartered Physicist status. Accredited MSc programmes when coupled with an accredited BSc programme fully meet the educational requirements for Chartered Physicist status.

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