Miss Bethany Fleming

  • Technician (Molecular Biosciences)


Key Skills 

Grant Funded

I have 4 years of cell culture experience, producing primary and working cell banks for clients and maintenance of company stocks. I have worked with mammalian, insect, bird and stem cell lines, using a range of growth techniques. With regards to molecular lab techniques; PCR, gel electrophoresis, CRISPR/Cas9 system, protein expression, western blotting, cloning. 

The majority of my career so far has been spent in industry, working in a GMP lab environment for 3.5 years. This means adhering to all laws and regulations surrounding this, and therefore I am familiar with documentation, archiving, record keeping and so on to the standard of GMP requirements. My time in industry has allowed me the opportunity to work directly with clients as well as auditors from regulatory bodies such as FDA, MHRA etc. 


Research interests

I'm new to research, having graduated from University of Glasgow studying Virology in 2015 and gone straight into industry. Virology, along with other infection biology subjects, still remains of great interest to me. 

In my current role my group's focus is primarily looking at how proteins are made and delivered outside the cell and, in particular, how this delivery process breaks down during disease. With a particular focus on how cells fold and assemble proteins correctly. 


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