Dr Anna Gatseva

  • Data Scientist/Bioinformatician (Molecular Biosciences)
  • Affiliate (School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health)


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Blanco-Melo, D., Campbell, M. A., Zhu, H., Dennis, T. P., Modha, S. , Lytras, S., Hughes, J. , Gatseva, A. and Gifford, R. J. (2024) A novel approach to exploring the dark genome and its application to mapping of the vertebrate virus fossil record. Genome Biology, 25(1), 120. (doi: 10.1186/s13059-024-03258-y) (PMID:38741126) (PMCID:PMC11089739)


Carrozza, M.-L., Niewiadomska, A.-M., Mazzei, M., Abi-Said, M. R., Hue, S., Hughes, J. , Gatseva, A. and Gifford, R. J. (2023) Emergence and pandemic spread of small ruminant lentiviruses. Virus Evolution, 9(1), vead005. (doi: 10.1093/ve/vead005) (PMID:36793939) (PMCID:PMC9924038)


Kambol, R., Gatseva, A. and Gifford, R. J. (2022) An endogenous lentivirus in the germline of a rodent. Retrovirology, 19, 30. (doi: 10.1186/s12977-022-00615-2) (PMID:36539757) (PMCID:PMC9768972)


Gatseva, A. , Sin, Y. Y., Brezzo, G. and Van Agtmael, T. (2019) Basement membrane collagens and disease mechanisms. Essays in Biochemistry, 63(3), pp. 297-312. (doi: 10.1042/EBC20180071) (PMID:31387942) (PMCID:PMC6744580)

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