EDI self-assessment team

The School of Molecular Biosciences Self Assessment Team (SAT), is responsible to develop and implement the School's Athena SWAN Silver Action Plan.

The SAT team consists of staff representing a wide variety of experiences and different career stages:

Matt Jones (Chair)
Angela Campbell (Clerk)
Helen Walden (Promotion)
Scott Ewing (LGBTQ+)
Colin Molloy (Disabilities)
Emily Armstrong (Inclusive Leadership)
Brian Hudson (Seminars)
Gayle Overend (Maternity)
Mathis Riehle (Outreach)
Phil Robinson (ECR rep)
Arlene Nelson (PSS)
Kirsten Knox (Students)
Wandiahyel Yaduma (PhD) (Race Equality)
Fara Van Der Schans (PhD)
Rosalia Cuahtecontzi Delint (PhD)
Rhoda Stefanatos
Sue Krause
Stevie Bain
Laura Spagnolo
Aisling McFall
Kenneth Watterson