Sir William Stirling Maxwell Fellowship

The Fellowship was founded in 1987 by the University of Glasgow in memory of Sir William Stirling Maxwell, the originator of the renowned collection of Emblem and Fete Books which bears his name and which his son, Sir John Stirling Maxwell, bequeathed to the University in 1958. It is awarded from time to time to suitably qualified researchers engaged on emblem or text/image studies and is intended to encourage scholarly interest in the Collection.
The Fellowship is awarded on the recommendation of a committee chaired by the Director of the Centre to whom application, with a full curriculum vitae and supporting evidence indicating the research to be undertaken, may be made at any time. The committee meets as occasion requires. It includes the University Librarian or his nominee and at least two members of academic staff with appropriate expertise in the proposed area of study. A Fellowship will not normally extend beyond one academic term and adjoining vacation or be held by more than one person at any one time.
No stipend or other funding support is attached to the Fellowship, apart from modest financial assistance with photographic and photocopying expenses. Normal expectation is that it will be held in conjunction with sabbatical leave from the Fellow's home institution. Fellows are based in an academic subject area appropriate to the field of study and are accorded the customary privileges of visiting scholars, such as membership of the University Library. No specific duties are attached to the Fellowship beyond the prosecution of the stipulated research, drawing on the resources of the Stirling Maxwell Collection. The Fellow is, however, required to present the University Library with one copy of each publication resulting from the research.
Applications with a full curriculum vitae, an outline of the envisaged study, the time during which it is intended to be pursued and any additional supporting evidence should be submitted by email to Professor Laurence Grove, Director of the Stirling Maxwell Centre (