Important Information

Students interested in learning a language may choose to study with either SMLC or Short Courses.

SMLC offers the Languages for International Mobility range, aimed at students interested in a language to support their international experience, but for whom courses in SMLC’s language degree provision may be unsuitable or unavailable. Short Courses offer a wide range of language course at various levels. The focus, particularly at the earlier levels, is on learning the language for everyday purpose, with an emphasis on speaking skills.

The key features of each of the two sets of courses are summarised below. This should help you decide which type, of course, better meets your needs. You can find more information on each option by using the hyperlinks at the foot of the table.

Languages for International Mobility courses

- 10 credits per semester (up to 20 credits in an academic year);

- 22 hours of class time per semester;

- Cover the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing with a focus on communication; also provide some cultural awareness

- Formal assessment, including an end of term examination (in December and/or in April-May) and award of a grade;

- Courses are subject to External Examination for quality assurance purposes;

- Classes take place in the day-time or early evening;

- Attended mainly by University of Glasgow undergraduates; open also to PhD students, if places are available;

- Funded by a share of the University fee (i.e. no further charge);

- Languages offered are Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Languages for International Mobility are suitable for students interested in studying or working abroad, and who require language skills to make the most of their international experience. There is formal assessment and a grade is awarded at the end of the course. Credits would contribute towards the attainment of a student’s degree. Further information about the Languages for International Mobility can be found within the University's Course Catalogue:


Credits would contribute towards the attainment of a student’s degree. Before registering on My Campus, it is therefore important that you check with your Adviser of Studies that the Languages for International Mobility courses are a suitable addition to your programme.

Languages for International Mobility - What our students say

Read here what past students think of our Languages for International Mobility courses.

'International Mobility Languages' by Denver

Short Courses

If you would like further information on the courses offered by Short Courses please follow the link below:

Members of staff should note that SMLC no longer offers non-credit bearing language courses for personal development purposes. Staff interested in learning a language are encouraged to consider the courses offered by Short Courses.

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Languages for International Mobility Programme Director:

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Programme Administrator:

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