Enrolment on to BN courses for new students

Registration for new students:

All students must register online using MyCampus, the University of Glasgow student information system. New students must register by the end of August, as enrolment will take place at the beginning of September.  You will receive information before you are due to start University on how to access your student record online, including your Glasgow Unique IDentifier (GUID) and temporary password.  This information will be sent to you by email so remember to keep your contact details up to date.

Full information on the registration process is available at: www.glasgow.ac.uk/registration.

If you are eligible for your fee sponsorship, and have not yet applied, please do so now.  You cannot register without this.

You will not be enrolled in classes until you have completed academic and financial registration.


As your Nursing programme has a fixed curriculum, all courses are compulsory.  Once you have completed academic and financial registration, the Nursing School will automatically enrol you on the following course:

Plan Code:  B700A-2102

Catalog No.   Title
1013 Practice Learning Experience 1
1012 Foundations for Nursing and Health
1011 Biomedical Life and Social Sciences  

International Students:

The UK Border Agency requires the University to take a copy of the passports and visas of all students who have a Tier 4 Visa.  In addition, we must tell the UK Border Agency if students holding a Tier 4 Visa to study at the University do not register.  If you have a Tier 4 Visa you will therefore need to attend a Tier 4 Check-in event before you begin your programme (or if you are already in Glasgow and renewing your visa, as soon as you receive your renewal visa).  Full instructions about how to ‘check-in’ are available at: www.glasgow.ac.uk/tier4.

You will be required to sign in with the Nursing & Health Care School at further points in the academic session, as evidence of attendance.  You will be emailed in advance to request that you come in to the Nursing School to sign in.  Please ensure you access your University emails regularly to receive this and other important University communications.

Fitness to Practise:

A student who is registered for the programme of study leading to the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) Degree/Bachelor of Nursing Degree is required, during practical training, to act in a quasi-professional role in relation to patients and therefore, as a condition of continuation in the programme, to undertake to comply with the principles of this Code of Professional Conduct and Fitness to Practise.