Teaching hospitals

Image of medical students in a teaching hospitalOur undergraduate medical students learn by seeing patients and studying the diseases from which they suffer, from early in their first term at medical school.

This early patient contact helps their study because the course builds on our close links with over 3000 medical, nursing and allied health professional staff working in Glasgow and West of Scotland. These dedicated individuals have been intimately involved in generating the resources that underpin the medical students' knowledge base, and in supervision of their training in the practical skills necessary for clinical practice.

The University of Glasgow Medical School uses approximately 25 hospitals sites and nearly 200 GP Practices in West of Scotland to provide teaching in all 5 years of the curriculum. Over 30% of the clinical-based teaching takes place outside the home NHS Board - the highest in Scotland.

NHS provision comes from across the West of Scotland, providing our students with high quality experience of the variations in healthcare needs of over 2.5 million patients ranging from the impoverished, socially deprived communities to more affluent areas.

All our medical students learn from the patients themselves in small group sessions, in clinics, at the patients' bedside, and in tutorials. This approach relies heavily on the professional staff's time, and gives students the valuable opportunity to work and study in the various environments in which they will practice after completing their course.

Teaching sites & specialties:

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