The Cleland Collection

Image of John ClelandThe Museum Gallery also houses the Cleland Collection of specimens of comparative anatomy.

Through his life and work as a researcher, a lecturer, and a clinician, John Cleland (1835-1925), Professor of Anatomy at the University of Glasgow from 1877 to 1909, collected a diverse range of anatomical, pathological, and zoological specimens.

They form a remarkable collection of more than 500 skilfully arranged and preserved objects, described in Cleland’s own words in the 1901/1910 collection catalogue.

Ranging from the ordinary herring to the extraordinary bird with extra legs, it stands as a witness to the wide range of topics which were of interest to Cleland, both as a distinguished researcher and as a curious individual.

Have a look at the University's Flicker page displaying highlights of the archival material related to the life, work, and anatomical preparations of Cleland.

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