Comparative Research Trip to the University of Oslo, Norway – June to August 2018

Published: 12 February 2018

New funding for a comparative trip to research Norwegian water law.

I have been granted a Carnegie Research Incentive Grant for a 2 month comparative law research trip to Norway from June to August 2018. Norway has recently reformed its water law and 99% of the electricity produced in Norway is from hydro-power. I will investigate how the water rights framework supports this flourishing industry.  Scandinavian jurisdictions are rarely chosen for comparative law research, presumably due to language barriers. Researching the law of Norway will help to determine what lessons that can be learned by Mixed Legal Systems from the law of a Scandinavian country and vice versa. This will take the research beyond the traditional focus of comparative private law, which makes sense due to the global nature of the resource I am researching. 

I have been learning the Norwegian language for 4 years and can read Norwegian legal materials. However, to facilitate comparative research, I will take part in an intensive Norwegian language course at the University of Oslo during my research visit. I am also excited to meet up with researchers at the Natural Resources Law Research Group in Oslo.

First published: 12 February 2018

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